You want to be the best but someone always beats you

What is stopping you from taking the next big step ahead?

Do you put in efforts to build innovation capability in the organization?

Are your operations and its underlying processes aligned to the strategy?

Does your value chain focus on creating value to customer?

How can you create an environment of entrepreneurship?

Should you go beyond your core strength?

Are your operations and its underlying processes aligned to the strategy?

Can you list down 5 reasons for slower growth? Are you sure they are the reasons?

Is Innovation a way of life in your company

Does your balance sheet have list of your best assets, satisfied customers?

What is your core strength?

Your team is working very hard but still loses out on deadlines?

Is your business model strong enough to realize your dream? How far are you from your dreams?

Why GroupSynergy

We believe in leading profitable innovations.

We are strategic thinkers, bringing in the latest in management and technology. We support in ‘end to end’ solutions and have expertise in Strategy, Operations and Innovation.

Just read through these situations to understand how we make a difference to the company.
Striking at the root cause

We were the fourth consulting firm approached by BS Limited, a Rs. 13000 Million company, to help them organise on the company functioning. The company had good orders in hand, the working capital was not an issue, the plant had the right machines and yet month on moth the targets were not being achieved.

The first meeting we had after signing up the contract with the Chairman of the company, was with the President, Vice president, Plant President, Plant Vice President, The SCM Head, The Finance head and the corporate planning head. After the exchange of pleasantries, the first question was, “we have seen many such meetings, tell us why we need to sit in this meeting and waste the companies time and money”

The meeting went on for 25 minutes and the team fixed up the time and venue for the next meeting with the agenda drawn down. Transforming from “why this meeting” to fixing up the next meeting” in 25 minutes. In 10 months the company had doubled its production.

Having an elaborate discussion with the CMD before this interaction, we captured the essence and diagnosed the root cause in this short 25 minutes. The team was with us. They could clearly find value in what we brought to the table. We have now been with the company on various assignments for the past 24 months.

“GroupSynergy is in our Blood”

We were presenting the way forward for the sales team of Kotak Bank’s asset division. Mr. V Dewanji Sr. Vice President and Head of the Asset Division with his team were listening to the presentation. The presentation was talking about what the customer looks at and what they value. The presentation was moving towards a Blue Ocean segment. The group was keenly listening, but 20 minutes down the presentation, the silence broke – “our customers are different” , “this does not work in our area” , “this is theoretical –won’t work” and many more. Two year down the lane, we had spent more than 2000 man days with the asset division. When one of our new team members went to introduce himself to the Sr. Vice President Mr. Sudhir Khanna – he was greeted by – “welcome – GroupSynergy is in our Blood”

“We don’t believe in consultants”

Mr. Ravi Kapoor, Vice President Finance & HR of BOCSH Pune, had asked us to give a presentation to the MD, Mr. Satish Sekhri, on organization re-structuring. The meeting started with a candid and open comment by the MD. “I don’t believe in the deliverables of consultants. I am here only because Mr. Kapoor wanted be to hear to you people.”

Seventy five minutes of deliberations and the contract to work on the Roles & Responsibilities of the 800 employees including the top management – except the MD  – was signed before we left the board room. Our team worked for more than 120 days with audio and video recordings of the various people and their contributions to the company. The entire exercise threw up how the manpower was wrongly utilised and underutilised. The R&D department refused to participate in the exercise as it was unfolding and exposing the strengths and weakness of the system. The department head went on leave and tours till our exercise was completed. The Head of Jalgoan plant, initially refused to co-operate and did not allow our team to enter the plant. After one sitting with him, he was the most vocal promoter of the exercise. He went on in parallel to re-organise the teams as our results were un-folding. We had weekly meetings and he would take decisions on the spot to consolidate the structure.

Competency Mapping is Bull Shit

Mr. Ravi Chopra, CMD PIAGGIO India Limited had asked us to help him evaluate and select the High performers and the High Potentials in the company. This was to be done, for all the categories of employees from assistant Managers to the Directors. After systematic study and guidance from the Director HR – Mr S Deshpande, the entire plan and process was created. The results of the evaluation were devastating to many. The department heads dismissed the report and complained to the CMD of the ‘failure’ of the process. The CMD called in a meeting and asked us to present the report to the Directors and the department heads. The evaluation had put the scores for the Finance Director and Marketing Director on the lower scale. This had agitated the top management.  The evaluation was discussed thread bear from 9 am to 7 PM. By the end of the session the entire team was on board with the evaluation. The evaluation was then made the basis for understanding the team members and re-structuring the team to help allot the job responsibilities as per their strengths and not in random. Based on the report, the entire training program and calendar was prepared to hand hold the members to the next level.

The Finance Director, Mr. Ravi Kapoor, who had scored negatively in the assessment, after two years moved to Bosch, Pune. He brought us in to support Bosch.

Mr. Khosla, Director Sales and Marketing, who had also scored low in the assessment, quickly realigned himself, reworked on his strengths and asked us to informally evaluate him after six months. His ratings had shot up. We supported Mr. Khosla’s team for three years under his leadership. We spent 3 years across levels and grades in bringing up the Managerial and Leadership skills in PIAGGIO India.

GroupSynergy brings in the expertise and takes into account the ground realities in the company to create and hand hold the team to success. The solutions are different for different companies for the same issue. The solutions depend on the Strength, Environment and Culture with the ownership vision in site. We understand your circumstances and then formulate the way ahead. We live by the way we have suggested and are open to criticism across lines.

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