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In the last several years of our consulting, we have generated and developed new ways of working, new processes, and hands-on methods of implementing strategies and action plans.

In the process of implementation at the client end, we have conducted hundreds of workshops and created video films for effective implementation of the strategy. We have created 17 video films customize for the processes we have developed for various companies.

Our expertise is in productivity improvement, process deployment, organization restructuring, talent management, cost reduction, MIS, marketing strategies, network development, channel management, retailing, and people development.

We now share this proven know-how and expertise through videos and books.

The corporate world requires more of “Action Tanks” than just “Think Tanks.”

The corporate world requires people
Who can execute and not just people with knowledge.

Transforming Indian Economy Through the Present Disruption

Transforming Indian Economy – through the Present Disruptions.

This book captures the essences and the voice of the people of India – The Indian Economy, the way it works, the way it should work, and the way ahead to make it work better in the present prevailing circumstances.

India, is more a concept and way of life than the physical boundaries that define it. The differences that arise due to diverse cultures, food habits, dressing etiquette, lifestyles, languages, and physical appearances are nullified under the banner called India. India is as diversified, as it is unified.

On nationalism, on Indian-ism, on democracy, on political awareness, and societal camaraderie, India is one-it is visible in rural India-that is the real representation of the nation. India is run by a handful of people. Many of them may not be informed enough to make the right decisions and policies for the 1.3 billion people.

Even with the best of intention, if the awareness and information for making decisions are not available, the harm it can cause to the nation is immense.

About this book.

This book is a canvas for moving towards a vibrant India.
India has come a long way, a very long way from being one of the oldest know civilizations to a thriving Democracy that the world honors and respects. We still have to go a long way to make sure that every citizen has a dignified life.

This book explores the possibilities of making India a Super Power in terms of Mankind and Humanity, in the process leading and guiding the world towards experiencing the right way to ‘live and let live’.
It explores the ways and means of working towards a Ten Trillion Dollar Economy. It captures the Government’s role, the people’s contribution, and the means of exploring a Citizen Wallet, an instrument as a life line of support from the Government without exerting the pressure of finding the money to  make things happen.

Who should read this book?

Everyone who wants to understand the Indian economy, its strengths, struggles, challenges, and the way ahead will find the book insightful.
The book explores the new “Caste System” of the Economy. A caste system that is born out of the contribution that each one of us makes to the Economy. A caste system that allows all of us to grow and achieve to our fullest.

It defines the roles of Wealth Creators and how a country should honor, protect, and nurture wealth creators.
The book is an eye-opener to the various sections of the society. The role of the Government official to that of the farmer in the field. The book captures the present and talks about the steps to be taken to protect the future.
Its’ the people’s voice on what a country should expect from the people, the Government, and the Society.

About the Authors

 M Balaji Rao, Director and Head Strategic Management at Synergy Management Advisors Private Limited. He has clocked more than Ten thousand man-days of training across the industry and is a consultant to the MSME segment. He has been a consultant to more than thirty companies in India and abroad. His interactions with CEOs of various companies and their workforce during his interventions as a consultant has
given him a great understanding of the Indian Economy from the people’s perspective. He is is on the board of several

 Sowjanya M S is the founding Director and Head – Creative
Insights with Synergy Management Advisors Private Limited. She is also the founding member and Head of Strategy at AMS Electric Mobility Limited. She is the Senior Partner and
Executive Director at GroupSynergy Technologies. She is the founding Director at Heart & Art Cathlabs Private Limited. She is the Senior Partner with GroupSynergy Publications. She is the author of the Book – Transforming Customers to a SalesForce

Transforming Customers To A Sales Force

Transforming Customers To A Sales Force
The book focuses on leveraging the power of influence, inherent in human beings, to boost sales. It analyses the power of influence and how this power has been used for ages across communities and societies. It explains how we need to leverage it to create R.A.M customers.

It is about focusing on creating R.A.M customers.
Referrals Advocates Mentors
The power of R.A.M customers, their influence on the performance of the company is discussed in depth.

It goes on to describe the importance of developing and sustaining.
R.A.M customers. The role of the sales team in the creation of R.A.M customers is presented holistically.

Organizations, throughout their journey, Own/Generate Assets to make them Valuable.

Satisfied Customers are the most important asset base for an organization.

Leveraging on this valuable asset base is the key to business growth and further enhancing the value of the organization.

Understanding the nature of satisfied customers as an asset base will help sales teams in generating them across channels.

This book explores the way customers can be Transformed to be an effective SalesForce for the organization…

This Kit is designed for you…

If you are involved in customer interactions…,
This kit will help you Transform into a Sales Professional!
If you lead a team involved in customer interactions…
This KIT empowers You!
If your business involves customers!!! This kit will help you…
Transform your Customers to a SalesForce! If you are responsible for the performance of your Sales Team…

Don’t  Wait  for  your  company  corporate  Training  Division  to intervene and support you….This kit will transform your sales team into a powerful force…
This Kit helps you see your customers as members of your team … On the same side of the table…. Helping you grow and create better products and services.

About Author:

Sowjanya M S, is the founding Director and Head- Creative Insights with Synergy Management Advisors Private Limited. She is also the founding member and Head of Strategy at AMS Electric Mobility Limited. She is the Senior Partner and Executive Director at GroupSynergy Technologies. She is the founding Director at Heart & Art Cathlabs Private Limited. She is the senior Partner with GroupSynergy Publications.