You want to be the best but someone always beats you

What is stopping you from taking the next big step ahead?

Do you put in efforts to build innovation capability in the organization?

Are your operations and its underlying processes aligned to the strategy?

Does your value chain focus on creating value to customer?

How can you create an environment of entrepreneurship?

Should you go beyond your core strength?

Are your operations and its underlying processes aligned to the strategy?

Can you list down 5 reasons for slower growth? Are you sure they are the reasons?

Is Innovation a way of life in your company

Does your balance sheet have list of your best assets, satisfied customers?

What is your core strength?

Your team is working very hard but still loses out on deadlines?

Is your business model strong enough to realize your dream? How far are you from your dreams?

Innovative Organizations

Innovation has today become the latest Management jargon. Innovate else you will perish.

Whom are we telling this to? Just because a few companies are coming out with innovative products and are leading the market .. Our focus is on these companies.
Majority of the companies are surviving with out innovating. Then what is the noise about?

Innovation is not about a few people getting a few brilliant ideas once a while. Innovation is not just about a innovative product.
Innovation is a state of mind. Innovation is a state of un-conscious competence to better each time. Innovation is a habit. You need the desire, skill and knowledge to make it happen. Innovation is a way of life…. A company culture. Innovation at every stage. Innovation at every level. Innovation at the micro point.
Innovation is not the job of only the research teams. Innovation is every one’s role. In many of our interactions with senior company executives we are confronted with arguments like…

How can it be every ones role? All are not equipped to innovate. They are not aware of the market, resource available, the technicalities and the commercials. Then how can innovation be at micro level? They argue that the most important point in innovation is the birth of an idea… and the research teams are well equipped to generate this, innovation they feel, is therefore the prerogative of a hand full …. It is best kept that way…. Let innovation be handled by the research departments….

The above argument has killed the birth of innovate companies…

Creation of an Innovative company is not from the birth of an idea, but from the creation of the right environment. Environment is about people and mechanisms. People should be empowered with the right knowledge, authority and techniques. The mechanisms need to be supported by physical requirements and proper audit systems.

Innovation not only at a strategic level, but also at a tactical level – creating the right context, the right attitudes, the right infrastructure and the right appetite to ensure that the best ideas achieve competitive and commercial success.

Innovation is the driving force of profitability, of sustainable value creation and exponential growth.

While innovation is easily put into the rather narrow box of product development or technology, it is a fundamental challenge for the whole business.

Innovation can quickly become a buzzword of the times, as it is today, and then quickly forgotten when times change – now we have no choice, it needs to be ever present, continuous process.

There are many companies which make the  heart of their business model a game-changing innovation. This is not just the invention of new products and services, but the ability to systematically convert ideas into new offerings, new procedures, new systems, new plan of actions, new resources that alter the very context of the business.

  1. The underlying thread in such an approach is the Environment.
  2. How do we get the people and the mechanisms in place?
  3. What should we do to get every micro unit in the company behave innovatively?
  4. How do we create a habit of Innovation in the company?
  5. What are the mechanism that need to be in place?

When you notice a steady flow of noteworthy innovations from one company, you may assume that it is a game-changing innovator, which has created distinctive social connections, culture, and supporting behaviors that enable it to play that role.

Innovation is a state of Mind. To create a Innovative company we need ‘Innovative Minds’. Innovative minds are created by-

Creating modes and means to be Innovative all time

Creating the need to be innovate

Making innovation a necessity rather than an exception

Supporting the team with all the back up for being Innovative.

Supporting and motivating the team to be innovative

  • Each of the above require inputs and mechanisms to be activated.
  • Develop a process to support active innovation.
  • Develop a system where the dissemination and absorption of experience and knowledge is done.
  • Create a mode to record the knowledge created.
  • Support active knowledge management.
  • Motivate to Innovate.

GroupSynergy is committed in supporting creation of “Innovative Companies”

Market-shaping companies most fundamentally innovate their markets – the needs of customers, the structure of players, the channels that connect them, the rules by which they work.
Indeed, business and product innovation will rarely have the dramatic impact that they seek unless they are associated with fundamental market innovation too.
And not least, marketing itself must be innovative, in the design and delivery of brands and propositions, in its use of channels and media, pricing and service, promotions and rewards

Marketing must innovate the market not only at a strategic level, but also at a tactical level–creating the right context, the right attitudes, the right infrastructure and the right appetite to ensure that the best ideas achieve competitive and commercial success.

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