You want to be the best but someone always beats you

What is stopping you from taking the next big step ahead?

Do you put in efforts to build innovation capability in the organization?

Are your operations and its underlying processes aligned to the strategy?

Does your value chain focus on creating value to customer?

How can you create an environment of entrepreneurship?

Should you go beyond your core strength?

Are your operations and its underlying processes aligned to the strategy?

Can you list down 5 reasons for slower growth? Are you sure they are the reasons?

Is Innovation a way of life in your company

Does your balance sheet have list of your best assets, satisfied customers?

What is your core strength?

Your team is working very hard but still loses out on deadlines?

Is your business model strong enough to realize your dream? How far are you from your dreams?

Business Strategy

We help companies identify, develop and implement winning strategies in the path of their Strategic Journey.

Organizations go through various stages as part of their evolution into matured and visionary companies. Formulating Business Strategy must be based on the stage the company is going through. Each stage demands different levels of strategic objectives, which is determined by the diagnostic analysis of the organization.

We identified 3 main stages the organizations can find themselves while discovering the strategic objective.
Ladder stage Crossroad Stage Transformation Stage
Ladders stage is when the organization must focus on the business growth. Every strategic objective aimed at business growth is a 3-step ladder comprising of development, Growth and Profitability of the business.

Crossroad stage is when the organization has to take The Next Big Step in a new direction. The strategic objective beyond the present growth puts the organization at Crossroads opening various options as new market space, new products, new geographies and new segments.

The Transformational stage is when there is a plunge in the business performance and organizational effectiveness. The objective aimed at resurrecting the business performance and organizational effectiveness calls for Transformational strategy, which has to be achieved in a challenging environment to bring the organization back on growth track.

Business Strategy is something that emerges………
it’s a combination of creative and planned process. Organizations must rely on day to day information from those who are involved directly into “doing” and the insights have to be synthesised with the strategic “thinking” to discover the strategic objective and the Strategy.

The insights could be about change in customer preferences, customers’ new expectations, competitor moves, internal capabilities and/or other external disruptions.

The “Strategic Thinking” is about the organization’s vision and the stage of evolution the organization going through. Organizations as part of their evolution into matured and visionary companies will set goals or strategic objectives continually in their journey of Walking the Vision. Our Ladder, Crossroad and Transformation models of Business Strategy will help companies formulate and execute winning strategies in order to achieve the organization’s strategic objective.

Ladder Stage

Companies which are clocking an average growth rate and want to move towards better growth need to analyze its capabilities, opportunities, competitive scenario and the vision, in order to set its strategic objective.

Crossroad Stage

When organizations see the need and opportunity to go to the next level, they are placed at the Crossroad Stage and choosing the right direction is very crucial in their journey of Walking the Vision.

Transformation Stage

A plunge in the business performance puts the organizations at Transformation Stage.

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